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Dick - Manitoba Friendly Story

  -"Got this email from my brother (Dick) sharing an experience he had the other day, with the temperature hovering around 32+oC.  He and his wife live in their country home, just northeast of Pinawa, Manitoba and continues even today, to heat his home with a fireplace:   Not much exciting going on here...  We are following Public Health orders and chatting with our neighbours, each from our sides of our property line.  Most exciting event to report is my annual firewood delivery of two cords of Oak.  Was stacking them in the woodshed an hour at a time.  First time I’ve bought Oak. That wood is VERY Heavy.  Was resting from 20 wheelbarrows of firewood, when suddenly I see my neighbours...

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AJ - Manitoba Friendly Story

“So basically the story is there is this young lady, she's maybe 26 or 27. She’s a student at the University of Manitoba, and she is from Vietnam. She has been in Manitoba for the last 3 or 4 years. She is married and her husband is back home in Vietnam. While she was studying here they had a baby, and long story short my wife basically became her nanny. Her husband has a textile factory back home, he employs 100 or 200 people, they sell T-shirts and everything. So she thought while she was in school to make some money she decided she would start to sell masks - it was blowing up here when [masks] went mandatory in...

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Alyssa - Manitoba Friendly Story

“So I work at a retirement residence, and Covid has been really tough on them you know? The changing restrictions, a lot of them have out of province family, they have kids that live far away, there is only one visitor allowed. For some of them the confusion of why I need to wear a mask or why they can’t see their kids or grandkids. I have a million and one stories about you know - “I had to drop halloween candy off my balcony to my grand kids” - all of these little things that just break my heart in a million pieces. We were super lucky, over summer [2020] while cases were super low we were able to...

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Justin - Manitoba Friendly Story.

“I work at a Deli locally here, and there is this one guy who comes by often and he has a specific order, he has meat cut in a particular way, he’s got very particular things - and he’s become a very regular customer. So I saw him a few times, got to know him a little bit, got to know his order. He’s a real nice gentleman, I always try to give him real nice service, and make sure that he is happy. Then this one time, I think it was Christmas eve this past year - it was a weird time with Covid, you couldn’t do a lot, you couldn’t see family and what not - it was...

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Devin - Manitoba Friendly Story.

“So over the summer a friend and I went to The Common for drinks, and she’s not a big beer drinker so I was kind of explaining what's good and what's not. They always have 1919, Little Brown Jug – It's a staple, it's one of my favourite beers. So I was saying how its a really easy sipper, really good, I was talking about how the brewery is a queer friendly brewery, and I was just saying all these really positive things about it. So we get to the front of the line and we order two 1919s, and I’m going to pay for it – and the cashier lady is like “Oh, your drinks are paid for already.”...

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