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Carla - Manitoba Friendly Story.

“So we have a cabin up at Hecla island, and we were just walking around the trails with the dog. We came across the Gull Harbour area, where all of the ice fishermen are. People were taking their trucks down the boat ramp to get out onto the lake... So there’s a couple that had come back, and they got stuck right up to the axles. They were in the ice, their truck embedded down into the ice, halfway up the ramp, half tilted off, they couldn't get out. So we stopped, and asked – we’re the friendly Manitobans [chuckles], here’s where the story is leading: we’re the good guys – so we stopped and asked if they needed help, if they had shovels, and if they had a cell phone or if they wanted me to call a tow truck for them.
They had been shovelling out, but then their shovel broke. We had gone back to our cabin, got our shovels for them, and went out back to them with our shovels. They didn't want our help shovelling, but we gave them our shovels.
They eventually got out, and they came back and dropped our shovels off. They ended up trying to give us $20 for helping them – and it was like “No you’ve got to come back I've got to give you your money back!” We didn’t want to get paid for helping out, we just gave you the shovels, we said that was the Manitoba way. We were happy to be a part of it...
Everybody is pretty friendly, but I think we are very friendly here. I think we’ll help anybody in need, we’re good for supporting people... But I think so, I think we are.”

 Manitoba Friendly Story.