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Devin - Manitoba Friendly Story.

“So over the summer a friend and I went to The Common for drinks, and she’s not a big beer drinker so I was kind of explaining what's good and what's not. They always have 1919, Little Brown Jug – It's a staple, it's one of my favourite beers. So I was saying how its a really easy sipper, really good, I was talking about how the brewery is a queer friendly brewery, and I was just saying all these really positive things about it. So we get to the front of the line and we order two 1919s, and I’m going to pay for it – and the cashier lady is like “Oh, your drinks are paid for already.” So I'm looking around, like “oh is this like a ‘pay it forward’? I’ll get the next people–” and she’s like “No–” and gestures to the wine line, and there’s this guy like, leaning against the counter. He’s like “Hey, I work with Little Brown Jug, and I heard you talking positively about the beers and wanted to pay for your drinks.” … So we got free beers, it was pretty cool.
I don’t think it’s a hot take… I think it’s a cold take – I think people are actually quite friendly here. I think it’s accurate to call ourselves “Manitoba Friendly”. Especially in my neighbourhood, everyone says “Hi” to each other even if you don’t necessarily know them. I’m always bumping into neighbours and chatting with people, so yeah I’d say we’re definitely very friendly here.”
Manitoba Friendly Story