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Greeta - Manitoba Friendly Story.

“It’s not that long of a story... so last time I went into the store – I’m a very small person, but when I buy groceries I buy so much stuff – and I didn’t bring a cart with me. So I thought I only bought a handful of things that I could hold, but the guy walking behind me noticed everything and that I was kind of struggling. Whenever I go into the store I want to make sure I do it in one shot, I don’t want to come in and then go back out. He said “I don’t mind if you put it in my cart, and then I will help bring it to your car” and I said “Oh thank you!” I was very grateful because he helped me... So short story, I was very thankful, I’m not an old lady, but somebody still helped me to bring my groceries to my car.”


 Manitoba Friendly Story.