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Josh - Manitoba Friendly Story

“So this is actually when I went to get a COVID test... my girlfriend was feeling a little under the weather so we went and got tested. There wasn’t a bunch of test sites in the city at the time so they were all super busy. The ones that you would go to you would have to wait 3 or 4 hours to get in, so I went around 45 minutes before it opened. I brought my homework and was working on my laptop in my car, I turned the ignition back a bit and turned the radio down so I could focus. I was working working working, then at 8:15 the whole queue finally started to move. I go to turn the engine and pfft, batteries dead. I’m in line to get my COVID test and I killed my car battery. There were however many people behind me lined up down the street waiting and my car is stuck right when the line is actually moving– I feel like such an idiot. Then three people hopped out of three separate cars, one person came out of MPI, all to come boost my car because it wasn’t working and I couldn’t boost it on my own. People just hopped out of their car masked up and gloved up, and worked to get my car boosted. It was pretty sweet even though it was super embarrassing. It was sweet that everyone was willing to help in such weird and awkward circumstances, boosting someone's car in the COVID line.”

Manitoba Friendly Story.