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Justin - Manitoba Friendly Story.

“I work at a Deli locally here, and there is this one guy who comes by often and he has a specific order, he has meat cut in a particular way, he’s got very particular things - and he’s become a very regular customer. So I saw him a few times, got to know him a little bit, got to know his order. He’s a real nice gentleman, I always try to give him real nice service, and make sure that he is happy. Then this one time, I think it was Christmas eve this past year - it was a weird time with Covid, you couldn’t do a lot, you couldn’t see family and what not - it was a bit of a bummer. He ended up coming in when I was working that day and it was the same old same old, I gave him his order, I already knew what he wanted without asking you know? I didn’t expect anything, I thought just give him his order and I’ll go on with my day. So I turn around and look up and he says “Justin, Justin…” and reaches into his pocket, and gives me some cash. He says “Treat yourself, Merry Christmas. Get yourself a coffee or something, on me. Thank you for your hard work. It is really appreciated, thank you for being so nice.” It felt really good to be acknowledged, as a front line worker you don’t always get people going out of their way to thank you in ways like that. I didn’t expect it, I was just trying to give good service and whatnot, and to get some encouragement from someone that you’re doing a good thing was really nice.”
Manitoba Friendly Story