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Ross - Manitoba Friendly Story.

“I’ve been doing a dark of night fat bike photo of the day and I’ve been doing these coffee videos... When you’re down here, this year more than ever there’s more homeless, and so you know you drive around – there's a lot of need here. So I just started bringing them lunches and handing them out, helping out wherever I could. I had a couple guys over here, I was getting to know them and that, helping them out giving them stuff, I just talked to the guy just like this – and the next day I went there and his whole place was burned down, ‘cause they’re sleeping and they have fires. So I have no idea where he is, or if he made it. You get a lot of that – they’re there, all of a sudden they're gone. It just is one of those things, it's hit and miss. So you load up your bag with lunches, you do your thing – “Oh hey, I’ve got something for ya!” – and off you go right? It’s like that…
When you act normal, it's funny how if you do that, people go “Oh that's great.” and you go “Well that’s just normal… you should be treating people nicely, you know, they need places to live.” The thing about homelessness is it's a ying- yang, you need to help them, but there's so many things that go with that, and you’re always in this inner turmoil. You want to help them, but there's bigger issues than just dropping down money or whatever right? I feel bad for them.
The funny part of that is you start to see there’s lots of people, even in Osborne village the business there are leaving out food for people who need it. It's interesting to watch how there is so many people actually doing that in Winnipeg, it’s nice to see.”
Manitoba Friendly Story.