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Vicky - Manitoba Friendly Story.

“I actually do have a story in mind.. So a couple summers ago I decided to go visit all the ‘Big Things’ of Manitoba and one of my favourite things about Manitoba is they actually have sculptures of you know, golf balls, they have a banana, basically anything you can think of – there's a sculpture. When I was going on these road trips we met other people that were checking out these sculptures and everyone was always so friendly and just enjoying the Manitoba oddity that is these big sculptures.
When we were in Melita, there’s a giant banana, right by the Saskatchewan and US border, we met a couple that was from Saskatchewan that just decided to go for a road trip like us. We didn’t talk for long but they just said like “Yeah it’s just so strange that they have these, but we may as well go on a nice sunny day,” and yeah they were the nicest like middle aged couple, good people.
Generally I feel like there's a lot of just small acts of kindness that happen in Manitoba that don’t happen in other places. Like you go to a store, and people are just more friendly I think than when I’ve travelled to other places, there isn't just the same level of familiarity with other people and just strangers that you meet. Even just walking around you get waves and you get good mornings wherever you go. I think there's just kind of a small town feeling in all of Manitoba despite it being a pretty big province. I think that that is one of my favourite things about living here, if you go somewhere you’ll meet someone that knows someone you know, and it’s always good.”
Manitoba Friendly Story.